We have over 20 years’ experience in the audio and electronics industry.

Electronic Living (Level 4 BBBEE) is a business with over 20 years’ experience in the audio and electronics industry.

"Visionaries with a passion and relentless commitment to push the boundaries of what's possible"

We provide simple easy to use video conferencing and audio visual solutions to public, corporate and consumer markets. We also maintain our mission and vision in continuing to strive for excellence and though passion and commitment to keep on pushing the boundaries of technologies, tailor designs to fit in with your requirements and ensure the solution allows for sustainable future growth.
We keep an eye on the latest technological developments in order to provide the best solutions for control in automation.

Engineered Solutions to the Building Automation Industry

The Building Automation industry is today undergoing significant changes. Consolidation is now the name of the game.
Whereas 5 or 10 years ago, solutions were provided by individual suppliers, etc., today the major players are providing all of the products from a single source.
Since many of the skills necessary to provide intelligent building solutions are IT based, Electronic Living has risen to the challenge to provide a full range of engineered solutions to the Home Automation Industry.

These include: Integration of complete home, no mater what the size, into one Smart Home System.

"Architects, Interior Designers and Space Planners"

Designers, architects and space planners understand the importance of creating the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. When introducing technology, you will reap greater benefits when partnering with someone suitably qualified to deliver the same level of commitment, professionalism and passion as you have.

Electronic Living are Crestron Integrated Partners

Electronic Living is proud to be associated with the Crestron Brand, the world’s leading provider of control and automation systems.


"You want an easy to use Home Automation System?"

"Then you need the right solution for the right situation!"

Learn how we can help you turn your home into a Crestron Smart Home.