Home Energy Management with Lighting and Climate Control

Crestron Fusion EMTM energy management software provides a rich graphical user interface which allows control and monitoring of all connected rooms.

Monitor space and energy usage while managing all the environmental, lighting and AV systems throughout the building. Utilize scheduling to adapt spaces and energy usage based on occupancy and need. Analyse energy consumption; turn lights on or off; set actions for when a room is occupied; create lighting scenes, adjust heating/cooling set points, align shades, edit demand response settings and design custom actions.

Crestron Fusion™ is an intelligent energy management solution designed to make your business more efficient and sustainable. Its centralized environmental controls and live usage tracking provide a powerful real-time and historical overview of operations. See exactly what changes affect energy consumption with useful data analysis tools, and then maximize energy efficiency by selectively controlling lighting, HVAC and other equipment remotely.

Monitor and control all the lights, shades, HVAC and AV throughout your floor, building or campus with Crestron Fusion™. With everything connected, the system tracks energy usage and organizes all of your lighting loads, while providing in-depth historical data analysis that enables more effective planning and forecasting. With a Crestron 3-Series™ control system, Crestron Fusion also provides visibility into the BMS and other systems, putting every energy source on a single dashboard.

Set the precise lighting scene for maximum productivity and security while saving energy and money.

When turning the lights ON, pre-set the maximum level to 90 percent – the only noticeable difference will be on the electric bill. Automation features, such as built-in motion detection and occupancy sensors, turn lights on only when a room is in use, and schedule lights to turn off after business hours to reduce light pollution.

Creating a Consistent Climate Throughout the Working Space

Buildings can have warmer and colder zones for various reasons.

This can be changed using thermostats to regulate the temperature in the space. Building automation systems also have climate control. Crestron supply a range of wired or wireless thermostats as well as different types of temperature and humidity sensors.