Home Security: CCTV, Alarm and Boundary

Texecom security seamlessly integrates into the home automation system

We understand how crucial safety and security is in any South African home environment. In many cases, all that is implemented is a very basic alarm system.

We believe safety and security of yourself and your family and ensuring the protection of valuable assets are of paramount importance. We offer a broad range of digital surveillance security solutions that simply integrate into your complete electronic environment.

Texecom’s award-winning products cover every aspect of external and internal security requirements, including a full range of motion detectors, control panels, perimeter protection devices, fire detectors and external sounders. Texecom has recently launched a new ground breaking wireless technology, Ricochet mesh networking, to universal acclaim.

Electronic Living offers comprehensive security solutions including CCTV, boundary, alarm systems and access control. All solutions operate seamless to ensure any attempted boundary breach triggers monitors or TV that displays the closest camera view of the boundary breach on the screen, or better still on your mobile device. This provides one with instant feedback for review and more time to choose an appropriate response while still in the comfort of your bedroom.